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Meet the Owner

Douglas Tran

Douglas Tran owner of all seasons table

Douglas Tran was born to Chinese parents in Vietnam in 1968. As a small child, he helped with the cooking and preparing of foods and was instantly hooked. He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1979…he was 11 years old. When he was of working age, and to make ends meet, he and his father labored as dishwashers in separate establishments, Douglas in a Chinese market. He also worked as a busboy and continually maintained two jobs while attending school, up until his graduation from Franklin Institute in 1989, when he was 21 years old. He held a job as an auto mechanic during the day at a car dealership for almost two (2) years, but his passion was the restaurant business. In 1991, Douglas worked his way up to restaurant manager and ultimately as a restaurant owner, when, with the help of a partner, he opened his first restaurant in 1994. This was after he tirelessly pursued someone to believe in his vision, being turned down numerous times. Consecutively, for the next 13 years, his successes included the ownership of five (5) restaurants. His most recent gem, All Seasons Table, which he opened against the advice of friends and colleagues in 2007, is a thriving Asian restaurant in the heart of Malden Square. In ten (10) years, it has grown from a small crowd of curious customers at the grand opening, to a thriving, successful restaurant. He himself did not turn a profit until the beginning of 2010. This is a true testimonial to his hard work and vision for success. He chose the city of Malden for its diversity and location, being an urban city itself just outside of Boston.

About All Seasons Table

At All Seasons Table Restaurant, we are committed to bringing you the best of Pan-Asian cuisine. With a passion for creativity and fresh, unique tastes, owner Douglas Tran has traveled the world in search of rare ingredients, authentic dishes, and the latest culinary trends.

Function Room

For reservations and private events, please contact 
Phillip Mei
May Lan 
Call: 781-397-8788 or 781-397-8188

For inquiries and general information, please contact 
Jackie Bouley